We are an Austrian based company with a huge passion for the arts of handcrafted jewellery. The founder and designer, Valentina, has always had a passion for and inspired by jewellery and the possibility there s to create divers and beautiful peace from one’s imagination. Following her labour of love, Valentina decided to create her own unique collections. Valentina loves to find, and handpick unique stones and beautiful pearls from different places in the world, she combines them into a new piece of art – every pearl and beads is infused with a focus, details and exudes quality.

Valentina’s inspiration comes from seeing the beads and pearls in her hands, the process of creation is a special impulse that forms into creations from her mind’s visions. To create something extraordinary for her clients is an unyielding mission. That’s why you will find a personal touch in every piece of jewellery you acquire from her collection. Motivated by her customer’s delight, Valentina tireless works to ensure that every piece she makes her clients feel happy and good wearing her products.
Be yourself and wear the kind of jewellery which makes you sparkle, this is what she stands for.